Education Advisory Board

The purpose of the Education Advisory Board (EAB) is to promote education on the topics of Cyber Security, Information Systems (IS), and Computer Science (CS) – the latter two being seen as essential to a solid understand of the first.  The target audience is all people in Utah, from those in elementary school on up.  Thus, the intent is to promote education of these topics in schools (K-12, as well as traditional and non-traditional college settings) as well as in adult settings like professional training, conferences, trade shows, etc.  We also intend to promote education and awareness via competitive settings; the Utah Cyber Invitational is a competitive event bringing together the best schools and professional / hobby groups to compete in a single forum.  It provides a thrilling opportunity to compare notes with peers and network with like-minded professionals.

The EAB works closely with various school districts, the Utah State Board of Education, and the Utah State Legislature (as needed) to promote continuous improvement in the field of cyber security in Utah.  Some current initiatives include:
  • Establishment of a Cyber-specific or Cyber-inclusive Career Technical Skills Organization, to unlock Perkins Act funding and thus catalyze greater extra-curricular opportunities
  • Through the Utah Cyber Association, UtahSec's non-profit arm, the EAB aims to accept donations from businesses, envelop them in sufficient structure for districts to be able to properly utilize them (e.g. reporting requirements, defined ownership rights for property acquired, etc.) and then provide that money to the intended recipients with minimal or no impact on available funds
  • As opportunities arise, serve on state and local board of education committees to assist and promote cyber, CS, and IS disciplines in Utah
  • Organize and put on the Utah Cyber Invitational
For more information, including opportunities to serve, or to sponsor the Utah Cyber Association directly, please contact