Welcome to UtahSec
Home of Utah's Information Security Community

We regret to inform you that after 10 years, UtahSec has decided to close discontinue this community.  

The Google Groups and this website will remain active for historical purposes.

Below you will find a list of cybersecurity groups which exist in Utah.  Please use the links below (or google searches for outdated links) to find out more about current activity.

UtahSec brings together Utah's best information security user groups under a single umbrella, and includes the following groups:
The alliance of groups invites all to attend meetings as scheduled on the meeting calendar.  Everyone is welcome.  No fees nor memberships are required for general UtahSec meetings and activities, but fees may apply to some of the sub-group activities listed above.  Come join us and feed your inner geek!

Keep up to date with with whats happening in the Utah IT Security scene by joining the UtahSec mailing list!  You can do this by joining our google group at:
You can also keep up to date on all the activities here in Utah by subscribing to our Google calendar.  We try to keep this calendar updated with all the subgroup activities, conferences, and events; a link to this calendar is in the main menu on the upper left hand corner of this page.  You can add our events to your own Google calendar by clicking on the + icon in the bottom right corner of the calendar widget once you get to the Meeting Calendar page.

Please check our Meeting Calendar for details of the next meeting and join us!!!