Meeting Calendar

Pre-2015 Meetings

 Month  Activity  Organizer  Time  Location  Food Sponsor
 March 1st
 SamuraiWTF Course Session
 Justin Searle - UtiliSec
 6pm  LDS Riverton Office Building
 April 5th
 Passfault Tool
 Cameron Morris - Partnet
 6pm  LDS Riverton Office Building
 May 3rd
 libhijack  Shawn Webb - Webfair
 6pm  Wayfair Offices in Ogden
 June 7th
 Family Social and BBQ
 Justin Searle - UtiliSec
 7pm  Justin's House
 July 5th
 SamuraiWTF 2.0 rc1
 Justin Searle - UtiliSec  6pm  Justin's House  
 August 2nd
 SiRA, for Semi-Automated iOS Rapid Assessment
 Seth Law from Fishnet
 6pm  Justin's House  
 September 6th
 Bi-Annual Planning  Chapter Board  6-8pm  Broadview University
 October 4th
 SamuraiWTF Course Session
 Justin Searle - UtiliSec
 6-8pm LDS Riverton Office Building HP
 October 6th  
 Capture the Flag
 DC801 5:30pm-10pm Broadview University 
 November 1st
 CFT 101 DC801
 6pmSLC Hacker Space
(440s 700e suite 102)
 HP ESP (Enterprise Security Products)
 December 6th
 Open Discussion Night  Ryon6pm
 Mountainland ATC
(2301 W Ashton Bld., Lehi, UT)
 January  3rd OpenSAMM Project Alan Jex (HP) 6pm 825 E 1180 S Suite 300
(3rd floor), American Fork, UT
 HP ESP (Enterprise Security Products)
 February 7th IDS/IPS & Network Forensics Brandon Greenwood 6pm  HP ESP (Enterprise Security Products)
 March 7th Bi-Annual Planning UtahSec Board 6pm  HP
 Jan 2nd Intrusion DetectionBrandon Greenwood 6pm  LDS Riverton Office Building 
 Feb 6th   BYOD and Mobile Security, OWASP Dmitry Dessiatnikov, SecurityAim 6 pm LDS Riverton Office Building 
 March 6th OWASP
 Drew Peck 6pm LDS Riverton Office Building 
 April 3rd
 SCADA Security Justin Searle, Utilisec 6pm LDS Riverton Office Building
 May 1st
UtahSec BBQ N/A 6pm Justin's House
 June 5th Security Presentation Security Presentation 6pm 1275 West, 1600 North, Orem Utah 
 July 3rd DC801 DC801 6pm 440 S 700 E SLC, Suite 102 
 Aug 7th UtahSAINT  6pm 440 S 700 E SLC, Suite 102 
 Sep 4th ISC2 ICS2 6pm LDS Riverton Office Building 
 Oct 2nd ISACA ISACA 6pm Streaming Online 
 Nov 6th DC801 DC801 6 pm

801 Labs Hackerspace

440 S 700 E Suite #102 

Salt Lake City, UT 84102

 Dec 4th Yearly Planning Meeting         Utah Sec Board 6 pm  LDS Riverton Office Building